PTSA Standing Committee Chair Position Descriptions

Executive Board Standing Committees (Chair Position Descriptions)

Below is the position description for the Chairs of the PTSA Committees. All Chairs are expected to attend all PTSA Executive Board meetings.

Chair, All Night Grad Party Committee shall:

  • Coordinate fundraising and planning for All Night Grad Party which takes place from 11 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. on the night of the senior class graduation;  
  • Recruit chairpersons for subcommittees within the ANGP Committee (treasurer, mulch sale, registration, volunteers, fundraising, food);
  • Hold monthly planning meetings beginning in September; 
  • Secure contracts for entertainment, and work with FF County to secure the Franconia District Rec Center for the party; and 
  • Coordinate annual Mulch Sale in early spring.

Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee shall:

  • Promote diversity and equity inclusive of race, gender, culture, religion and other identities backgrounds; as well as LGBTQ parents and students; students with special abilities and needs; and military families; 
  • Work closely with the Chair of the Special Education Committee, as well as the Executive Board on special programs and projects (e.g. Special Education and Inclusive week), and other similar initiatives promoting the practice of diversity, equity and inclusion; and
  • Participate as a PTSA representative on the Edison Equity Team. 

Chair, Food Pantry and Food Insecurity Initiatives shall:

  • Work directly with the Thomas A. Edison Student Services Director to help facilitate food drives and donations for the Edison Food Pantry; and 
  • Serve as a member of the Edison Food Pantry Working Group with Student Services Reps, Career & Transition Teacher Rep, PACE Program Rep, Special Education Department Chair, Dean of Students and an Assistant Principal. 

Chair, Fundraising Committee, shall:

  • Develop fundraising campaign goals and objectives;
  • Develop fundraising campaign donation solicitation letters;
  • Work with the Executive Board to plan key fundraising dates;
  • Publicize campaigns in conjunction with the VP of Communications;
  • Send acknowledgments to donors;
  • Interface with local businesses regarding services (donors, sponsorships, etc.); and
  • Attend all board and general meetings, and give reports as necessary.

Chair, Nominating Committee shall:

  • Be chosen by members of the Nominating Committee;
  • Lead the Committee to identify potential candidates to fill the PTSA Executive Committee slate (only PTSA members in good standing can be nominated);
  • Lead the Committee to vet and confirm all nominated candidates for the Executive Committee positions (every individual nominated must confirm their acceptance of the nomination once they are found eligible);
  • Work with the VP of Communications to notify the general PTSA membership of the confirmed slate, and the date for elections;
  • Oversee the elections on the published date for elections, in the manner outlined in the PTSA by-laws; and
  • Confirm and certify the elections in the manner outlined in the PTSA by-laws.

Chair, Reflections/Arts in Education Committee shall:

  • Promote artistic involvement within the PTSA and facilitate participation in Texas PTA artistic programs such as Reflections (including logging contest entries, helping with judge selection, assisting participants as needed, and planning and coordinating recognition activities); 
  • Communicate participant progress through the various levels of competition; and 
  • Work with VP Communications to publicize all activities.

Chair, Scholarship Committee shall:

  • Promote PTSA scholarship program to graduating seniors and their parents; 
  • Ensure appropriate funding to provide scholarships; and 
  • Facilitate robust scholarship program and (including creating online application, helping with committee/judge selection, assisting applicants as needed, and planning and coordinating disbursement of scholarship funds to college/university).

Chair, Special Education Committee shall:

  • Promote an inclusive environment for families with children with special needs and abilities; 
  • Work closely with the Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on special programs and projects like Special Education and Inclusive week and other similar initiatives promoting the practice of diversity, equity and inclusion; 
  • Provide information to staff, families, and students in areas related to IEP and 504 plans; 
  • Disseminate information from the Department of Special Services (DSS) regarding updated DSS information, tips and ideas to support students and families. 

Chair, Volunteer Committee shall:

  • Coordinate and execute all Faculty Appreciation activities and Thomas Edison Birthday Celebration; 
  • Coordinate with VP Communications to issue the call for volunteers for specific events; and 
  • Coordinate with VP Membership to confirm parent interest in specific volunteer activities and engagement (sign-up).

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